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Office Space Rentals With The View Of Mount Beacon

Nothing more boring than sitting at a desk all day for work. Unless you’re up on the second floor of the Telephone Building! The Telephone Building has 5 private offices with doors AND a view of Mount Beacon to make your work day that much better! These photos show a view of the entrance way and two desks of the Beahive. Make your work day more enjoyable and come check them out! Contact owner and renovator, Deborah Bigelow, at @goldedtwig for a personalized walk through the building. Deborah is also representing the sale of the Telephone Building.

The Office Kitchen With The Best View On Main Street

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be gigantic for it to be functional. Especially when this beauty overlooks Main Street in Beacon! Talk about perfection for enjoying a hot cup of coffee or filling the building with a baked bread aroma. So much potential here. What might you do with this kitchen? Expand it? Add pop of color? Come check out the second floor in the Telephone Building to decide. If you would like a personalized walk through the building with building owner and renovator, who is also representing the sale of the building, please contact Deborah Bigelow @gildedtwig.