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The Door That Leads To Many Possibilities

It’s not often that people get to access the basement door behind the Telephone Building, and it’s not often that basement doors on buildings are this pretty and this charming. Nothing scary down here! The double doors on the basement of our building is one of our favorite features and we’re sure it would be one of yours too! It surely makes for a cozy entrance to the basement office suite, and makes for easy access for maintenance. It is also great for loading in furniture and accessing the floor of the building without as many stairs. Oh, and how could we forget to mention how much of a great compliment it would be to any kind of garden or seating area outside? Won’t you come in?!

Check out more pictures and sales information about the Telephone Building throughout the website or by contacting Deborah Bigelow @gildedtwig

The Hatch At The Top Of The Ladder Leads To More Than Just A Roof

It’s that time of year again - heading to the roof to winterize. It’s not often that the hatch at the top of this ladder is open or should we call it, the stairway to heaven? Oh just wait until you get to the top. The view. That’s it. Check out our Instagram for the video in the TOUR section @telephonebuildingbeacon or come check out the building with a personalized tour from the building owner and renovator, who is also representing the sale of the building, Deborah Bigelow @gildedtwig.

Telephone Building Is Highlighted In Highlands Current Fundraiser

The Highlands Current, a local newspaper that started its coverage in Cold Spring and expanded to Beacon, featured the Telephone Building in its appeal letter to Beacon readers to become new donors. 

Two reporters from the Highlands Current work from the Telephone Building in the Beahive’s communal work office: Jeff Simms and Brian Cronin.

We are readers of the Highlands Current and honored to be part of their reporting efforts!