Down in the Basement of the Telephone Building, many a meetings have happened. From civic community meetings, to business meetings, to one-on-one collaboration meetings. Restoration work by the building owner Deborah Bigelow @gildedtwig is conducted down here. Realtors who have been taken through the Telephone Building have called it one of the best basements in Beacon. Truly move-in ready for any artist, architect, wellness specialist, collector, or any other type of person who needs a good, quiet place to work surrounded by exposed brick.

The next video will take you through the two offices that are connected to this main room.

FUN FACT: The ledge here in the back of the main room used to hold the telephone cable wires, when this building first powered up.

If you would like a personalized walk through the building with building owner and renovator, who is also representing the sale of the building, please contact Deborah Bigelow.