The Door That Leads To Many Possibilities

It’s not often that people get to access the basement door behind the Telephone Building, and it’s not often that basement doors on buildings are this pretty and this charming. Nothing scary down here! The double doors on the basement of our building is one of our favorite features and we’re sure it would be one of yours too! It surely makes for a cozy entrance to the basement office suite, and makes for easy access for maintenance. It is also great for loading in furniture and accessing the floor of the building without as many stairs. Oh, and how could we forget to mention how much of a great compliment it would be to any kind of garden or seating area outside? Won’t you come in?!

Check out more pictures and sales information about the Telephone Building throughout the website or by contacting Deborah Bigelow @gildedtwig

The Four Magical Corners Of Beacon

The four corners of Beacon. The four magical corners with the best views from all directions. We don’t get to come up here much, but when we do, we soak it all in and feel the peace and beauty within Beacon. This could be your view too if you sought to make the Telephone Building your home as a Live/Work environment, or maybe your work home with the business you bring here. So many possibilities, but you decide! Contact Deborah Bigelow with any questions you may have, or for a personalized tour @gildedtwig.

Maintaining A Roof System Is Important: Not Just For The View

For those who like a good roof line, but appreciate the detail that protects the building from water, you will like this detail. This white strip is more than just a white strip- it helps contain the water from pouring off the building, and into the drain. It’s the small details like this that have made the Telephone Building withstand the many years of existence. While on the roof to take this photo, the roofers were there to clear the drain, as they do each year to prepare for winter months. The purchase of this building will include the list of systems that have maintained this building over the years! Contact Deborah Bigelow for more information @gildedtwig. 

The Hatch At The Top Of The Ladder Leads To More Than Just A Roof

It’s that time of year again - heading to the roof to winterize. It’s not often that the hatch at the top of this ladder is open or should we call it, the stairway to heaven? Oh just wait until you get to the top. The view. That’s it. Check out our Instagram for the video in the TOUR section @telephonebuildingbeacon or come check out the building with a personalized tour from the building owner and renovator, who is also representing the sale of the building, Deborah Bigelow @gildedtwig.

Prepping The Roof For This Upcoming Winter

A good morning “up on the roof” at the Telephone Building with #pjexteriorsinc. We are cleaning, replacing the drain cap and caulking any membrane seams that “seamed” to need it. Which was none. This upcoming winter ain’t got nothing on us! You know what’s even better than a new roof? The view from it! Come check it out. It’ll be worth it.

Office Space Rentals With The View Of Mount Beacon

Nothing more boring than sitting at a desk all day for work. Unless you’re up on the second floor of the Telephone Building! The Telephone Building has 5 private offices with doors AND a view of Mount Beacon to make your work day that much better! These photos show a view of the entrance way and two desks of the Beahive. Make your work day more enjoyable and come check them out! Contact owner and renovator, Deborah Bigelow, at @goldedtwig for a personalized walk through the building. Deborah is also representing the sale of the Telephone Building.

The Office Kitchen With The Best View On Main Street

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be gigantic for it to be functional. Especially when this beauty overlooks Main Street in Beacon! Talk about perfection for enjoying a hot cup of coffee or filling the building with a baked bread aroma. So much potential here. What might you do with this kitchen? Expand it? Add pop of color? Come check out the second floor in the Telephone Building to decide. If you would like a personalized walk through the building with building owner and renovator, who is also representing the sale of the building, please contact Deborah Bigelow @gildedtwig.

How To Remove Graffiti From The Metal Trash Cans On Main Street

When you own a building on Main Street, you want it to look nice, of course. People see me cleaning the sidewalk outside of the Telephone Building, and manicuring the tree gravel into my special meditation pattern. I pull the weeds from our parking lot behind the building, versus spraying them with poison. People seem to appreciate these small touches when they look at the building as a whole.

These are the gentle ways of maintaining the exterior of the building. There are harsher realities that I know how to clean, such as cigar spit on my limestone. There is nothing more infuriating that someone staining your building on purpose. Fortunately, as an art conservator, I know how to face these markings to remove them (most of the time).

For this post, I am focusing on removing graffiti not from my building, but from the metal trash can that the City of Beacon owns and maintains outside of my building. Last week I met a kindred spirit, Main Street, Beacon NY neighbor Patrick, who gave me a kiss (!) to thank me for removing graffiti from the city garbage can

Patrick does the same near his place. This is one way everyday citizens help keep Beacon beautiful! And another reason why I love Beacon so.

Here is my recipe for removing white graffiti from metal trash cans on Main Street:

On painted surfaces, my weapons of choice are Soft Scrub, 4x0 steel wool and water to “polish” the painted marks off.

You may want to use rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cleaning chemicals.

Squirt the Soft Scrub directly onto the graffiti.

In a circular motion, use the 4x0 steel wool to scrub the graffiti off.

Drip the water onto the surface as you go. Or dip your steel wool into a cup of water as you go.

You are essentially polishing the trash can, and removing the graffiti.

A Graffiti Patrol success!

The Paint Blasters Behind The Renovated Basement

Visitors to the Telephone Building are usually surprised by the renovated basement. It could be transformed into a cozy garden apartment.

Currently, the basement is a wonderful office suite, and it’s my favorite space with lots of exposed brick and architectural details.

But once upon a time it was dark and covered in epoxy paint. Here’s the building owner, Deborah Bigelow with Bill Gauthier in the middle of sandblasting in 2004 at the Telephone Building. Tough work-but very satisfying results. Schedule a visit with Deborah for a personal showing if you are interested in buying the Telephone Building.

Conference Room Or Kitchen Expansion? You Decide…

This is the left corner of the second floor room, currently used as a conference room for the members of Beahive. Connected to it is the small kitchen. If you used this as your living space, you could open up the kitchen for a design you love, and use it as a great space for entertaining your guests, while your gallery or professional area is downstairs in one of the stunning office spaces right on Main Street. Does this fit your lifestyle? Or that of someone you know? Contact Deborah here to arrange a personalized showing of the building to experience it yourself as you consider investing.

Color Matching The Cornice To The Original Paint On The Telephone Building


The process to match the original paint on the Cornice atop the Telephone Building was not a small one. Several phases were involved, from studying the original paint chips under a microscope, to mixing the color, to testing it in real life outside on the cornice itself. Once on the surface, how would this new paint withstand the winds and weather of the Hudson Valley?

Pictured here is my process of discovering the cornice color:

From upper left clockwise, the paint sample that told me what was original paint on the Telephone Building cornice; then all the tests to find a matching exterior paint; then color samples painted directly on the cornice; and the section of paint test area at the back of the building that stood up to the winter of 2015. And, still, in 2016 there were a few surprises to come.

More on that in the next post.

Appreciating This Office Detail Of A Private Office Upstairs

Really appreciate the several thoughtful designs in the second floor offices inside of the Telephone Building. Functional, colorful with free-standing shelving, desks, and comfortable chairs. And the people are wonderful, too! Short video tours are being posted this week! 

Instagram Tour This Week: The 2nd Floor and Kitchen

This week, we begin our tour of the 2nd Floor of the Telephone Building. Many local Beaconites have been up here for meetings in what is currently the Beahive conference room. Some co-work members work in the large back area’s private offices.

Because the Telephone Building can serve as a Live/Work Building in addition to Commercial, this 2nd Floor area is where your imagination can really expand. The office walls can come down. The kitchen can be built out. The bathroom is spacious enough for modification. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to design a space of their own. Or, all can stay the same and the tenant roll can be part of what you acquire when you purchase the Telephone Building.

This Is Not A Painting…It’s Paint Under A Microscope Preparing For Renovation

This is what my paint sample from the Telephone Building cornice looked like under an ultraviolet microscope. This picture told me about the original paint and all the repairs.

Microscopes are very useful tools when you know how to use them. More in a later post about how it guided my building’s cornice renovation.

Up Next On Our Tour: The Offices Upstairs

Next on our tour of the Telephone Building, we are going to take you into the offices on the first and second floors. You can see the room layouts, the sun shining in, and our tenants.

If you would like a personalized walk through the building, please contact me personally. I am representing the sale of the building, and am happy to walk you through.

The Maine Coast, Newburgh, Beacon, and Andrew Jackson Downing

Touring the Maine coast on a train - I was astonished to recognize a section of coastal parkland that reminded me of Andrew Jackson Downing.

Surprise! Turns out, it was his design for a park in the city of Portland, ME. If you lived in Beacon, NY at the Telephone Building you could pop over to Newburgh to see beautiful Downing Park or train into NYC for a relaxing day in Central Park for more Downing landscape designs.

Downing called the Hudson River Valley home. Lucky us.

Inspiration For Maps On Main Street

I recently went to Maine for a summer break for that salty sea air. We walked around a few small towns that sort of reminded me of  Beacon, NY with our beautiful Hudson River and our blossoming Beacon Main Street.

Pictured here in Camden, Maine, they have a nicely designed map of the city identifying streets, landmarks, and businesses - framed and hanging outside to help tourists on their walkabout. Very friendly.

When I’m outside sweeping the sidewalk at the Telephone Building, visitors often stop and ask questions or need directions. Maybe a map like this will prove useful one day in our popular city. We do have one map at the DMV parking lot, which is a great start. With our mile-long Main Street, Beacon probably needs a few of these maps.

The Details From Our Neighbors Improves Our Block Mid-Main Street

A wonderful restaurant Enoteca ama Beacon is right across the street from my Telephone Building (lucky me!). I so appreciate the clean lines of these elegant planters that the owner purchased to grace the streetscape out front and improve our block as a whole. It’s a design detail that lifts my spirits every day I arrive at the Telephone Building.

Beacon, NY is full of visuals that make it a joy to live and work in this small city nestled by the Hudson River.

Throwback To Boom Days To Plan How To Restore the Cornice

Flashback to 2015...I rented a boom for a week to figure out how I wanted to restore the cornice. How to scrape, sand, prime and paint were all on my agenda. What materials? What strategy? What color?

I decided to test in an area invisible to the public and see how it survived the winter. There were a few magical moments that made me feel invisibly supported. For those of you who do this kind of work...I know you will understand: I was anxious. Even when you have microscopic analysis, it’s not easy to get it right.

More later…

Enjoy A Lunch Across From Your Own Telephone Building In Beacon

One of the nice things about owning the Telephone Building is the ability to host old friends for lunch right across the street at the wonderful Amacord restaurant where the food and service never disappoint!

The city’s so vibrant now. We sat and enjoyed  our meal and admired the gold leaf lettering on the Telephone Building cornice that I completed not too long ago.

These are happy summer moments. This luxury of sitting across from your building could be yours, too! My Telephone Building is for sale, and you can contact me directly if you are interested.